Welcome to the Bad Girls Club AtlantaEdit


Bad Girls Club Atlanta is the tenth season and the fifth season to reside in a different than Los Angeles and it will be the first season with 14 episodes. This season will premiere on January 15, 2012. It will have a total of 17 episodes. Followed by Season 11: Bad Girls Club: Miam airing in August 2013.


Stephanie- Episodes 1-14

Valentina- Episodes 1-14

Shannon- Episodes 1-14

Paula- Episodes 1-14

Nikki- Episodes 1-4

Alicia- Episodes 1-14

Janae- Episodes 1-3


Raquel- Episodes 5-14

Jennifer- Episodes 4-8

Nancy- Episodes 9-14

i follow them on instagram follow me@The_Scenario and ill prove it to you the only person i dont follow is braderica cant find her instagramEdit

Love Games Season 5 RumorsEdit

Season 5 is supposed to be the final "Love Games" Spin-off Season. 

Rumors are spreading around about these three being on Love Games 5:         




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